Friday, February 17, 2017

Mr. Simon - Botanico Alchimista

Italian interior and retail design company Visual Display helped to create a magical hidden cocktail bar in the city of Udine in northeastern Italy. Called Mr. Simon - Botanico Alchimista, the invitation-only bar is in a secret location, behind a restaurant and accessed through its bathroom and broom closet. After receiving the invitation, one is given the address and access code (which changes daily). One must find the restaurant and enter the access code into a white vintage telephone on a wall. Once approved, one slips through a secret door in the aforementioned bathroom and broom closet, where one must ring the bell on a door in a cement wall. And that is how to enter the exclusive 25-seat, 540 sq.ft. cocktail lounge that is the dark and dramatic home of one fictitious Mr. Simon, an esteemed botanical alchemist who has traveled the world collecting curiosities, tinctures and recipes for his sizable menu of artisanal cocktails. I love that the entrance vestibule is papered in Piero Fornasetti's cloud wallcovering. And the sparkling bathroom covered in beveled mirror subway tiles is spectacular.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

BEAUTY: Photography--Patrick Van Roy

Belgian photographer Patrick Van Roy took photos of commuters on public transportation in countries throughout Europe for his Mises en scène involontaires series. Van Roy says, "The images show the involuntary theatrical scenes in which each person takes part every day...The almost ghostly attitude of the people photographed illustrates a feeling of solitude despite the fact and often because the figures themselves are in a busy public place. There is a feeling of sadness and that they and indeed we all are alone."

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BEAUTY: Photography--Tine Poppe

Norwegian photographer Tine Poppe on her series Botanical Perceptions:

"Imagined botanical perceptions of wildflowers and their environment from an ants point of view."

Monday, February 13, 2017

BEAUTY: Painting--Gordon Harper

The washed out, pastel canvases of Gordon Harper provide an off-kilter colored world that shifts our comfort threshold just a bit...

Top to bottom: December; Figs From Thistles; Have You Ever Been A Sundial; Joshua; Logan's House; Panasonic KP-110S; Sean; The End; The Vision of the Fireflies; Your Illegal Name